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Get Home Safely 

I'm not quite home yet, but I am where I am supposed to be. I've always thought home to be within the arms of someone or at the whim of something larger than myself. While it may be true that I am in search of something greater than my own physical being, I can never truly find home physically until I am able to find home within my own being. my own essence is meant for me to uncover, my destiny is designed for me to realize and this cannot manifest under the discretion of another.They say that home is where the heart is, but home will never be attainable until I am able to transparently uncover my heart, my true intentions and desires. Not predestined or ordained by anyone outside of my essence. I wish to uncover a world within a home of my own. A place fortified by my eyes and ambitions, not swayed or collided with a world I am not creator of. I am a master of my fate tamer of my destiny.


I've been so far away from home, I think I may have lost my way. I seek refuge in whomever arms are long enough to circumvent my past transgressions. I pray these arms are long enough to connect at their apex and pull me closer to the eternal flame we choose to call a heart. Sometimes I wish my arms were long enough to hold myself, so maybe I wouldn't attempt to run away from myself. It has been too easy to find shelter in open words. Is their solace for a soul like Malik. I grasp for air as I swim in my own thoughts, it has been so long since I have felt this way. Maybe this is the change of pace I need. Maybe the lens in which I see life is blurred by my own ego, maybe I should see life through you.


There was nothing in sight

except the smoke, and the fire

The fire that was promised to us.

The golden curtain has lifted

And the screams of our past sins

released us into the wilderness.

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